Tree removal can be carried out in many different ways. We can fell your tree but tree felling, requires adequate space. Dismantling in sections is normally carried out where space is limited or greenhouses,sheds etc are present. Rigging techniques are used for this to ensure the removal is carried out safely and methodically.  

Pollarding involves removing the crown of the tree periodically. The practice of Pollarding to a prescribed height should be started when a tree is young which will encourage multi stem branching from that point. Regular maintenance is essential for pollarded trees and new growth should be cut back to previous points.


Crown lifting involves the removal of lower branches to increase light or to enable access under the crown. Crown lifting should be limited to smaller branches as the removal of large branches can cause large wounds which can lead to decay and further long term problems.


Crown reduction involves reducing the height and/or spread of the crown. This can be carried out to help the make the tree more suitable to its environment or reduce mechanical stress on the tree. A crown reduction should retain the main framework of the tree. This work can also involve a crown thin to increase light transmission.


Heavy winds snow, ice and rain can break or damage limbs or even cause a tree to become unstable. Storm damage should be removed as soon as possible after a storm to allow the tree time to recover and reduce any potential risk. All storm damage is removed causing minimal damage to surroundings.   


Deadwood removal involves removing dead branches to reduce the risk to high target areas, pathways etc. We can also selectively thin the tree by reducing internal branches which reduces stress to the tree and from high winds. 

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